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When will my order ship?
For in-stock items I try to ship orders within 48 hours of receiving them. This is subject to weather conditions (in winter) & life events (can't predict that stuff!). 

How will I know when my order has shipped?
I process all orders through Shipstation so once I package your order and print the label you will receive an email notification. This email will include your tracking number (for domestic orders).

I'm an international customer & I want to know if there is a cheaper shipping option available.
Unfortunately USPS has raised the prices for international packages and the cheapest option I can offer is $13.00. There is quite literally nothing I can do about it! I realize it's more than other shops charge, but I package my pins in bubble mailers and wrapped individually in tissue paper which increase the thickness of the package. I do this to ensure they arrive safely to their new homes! Because of that my packages are too thick to classify as international 'mail' & if I try to cheat the system I risk losing my product & your pin getting damaged in shipment. Please believe that if a cheaper, safer option presents itself I will absolutely utilize it!

Does my international order have a tracking number?
No, international shipping does not have tracking numbers. It isn't offered by USPS at an affordable rate, but rest assured I've only lost two international packages in my history & both times I've sent new pins out to the customers successfully. 

Is there any possible way to make international shipping cheaper?
On my end, No. BUT I can recommend splitting the shipping by placing your order with a friend! I am also open to group orders if you can find a manager for your country. 

"______" pin is sold out! Will you be restocking it?
I get this question a lot and there is no easy answer. I restock based on demand because I still have quite a few designs that haven't even been produced as pins yet! If there is demand for a sold-out pin, I will most likely bring it back, but I can't guarantee any specific timeline once a pin is sold out. 

I placed a pre-order, when will it ship?
In the pre-order listing you will find an estimated arrival date for the pins. You can normally expect that pins will ship out in the same week they arrive to me. For the most up to date info on whether or not a pin design has arrived, please check my IG: theidolcollective.

Can I combine shipping if I've already placed an order and want to place another?
Yes, but you need to write a note at checkout with the previous order's number. I need to be pretty firm on this because there is the risk your email could end up in the spam folder if you do it separately. Also a note at checkout is MUCH easier for me to see because it is displayed as I'm packaging your order. I will refund your excess shipping after the order is packed.