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B.A.P, 'Rough Draft' Yongguk, enamel pin.


Please see the below caption that I pulled from my IG to understand the origins of this pin....

“🔥⁉️STORYTIME: What is this⁉️🔥
You’re probably thinking, what the hell is with that angry, orange Yongguk? And honestly, same!
I’ve had my first serious issue in a very long time with my manu, i.e they produced the wrong pin.
As most of you remember, ‘Yamazaki Yongguk’ was the first design I created when I got my Wacom last year, but what you didn’t know is that the design I shared wasn’t the first version!
When I first got the tablet this guy happened as I was still getting the hang of it.
I had sent him to my manu for a proof, just to get an idea of how my new designs would translate & needless to say I didn’t like it.
So I redesigned him & voila, the Yamazaki pin you guys know and love was created!
It looks like they had kept that original proof on file & accidentally produced him instead of the final version 😔
Luckily I have a great manu who are quick to rectify any issues so a rush order has already been put in for the correct pins!”

And now here we are!

Like the original, this pins is 2 inches, hard enamel, black nickel, has double post back, & my logo backstamp.

It’s a discounted price not because it’s flawed, but just because it shouldn’t exist lol