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This is my first ever 'Seconds Sale' so I'm not sure what my disclaimer should say.
But bear in mind, THESE ARE SECONDS PINS, but they aren't trash.
I haven't included any pins that I felt were too severely flawed.
All of these pins will have flaws, some more obvious than others, but none that I felt took away from the overall beauty of the pin.

****Note on 'REST ENERGY' & some 'AFTER THE FALL' pins****
These pins are a unique case.
They have no outward flaws on the design itself, the issue was in the back posts.
Instead of the usual 'single piece' posts my manufacturer would normally use, they used a two part post on the back.
Basically the sharp pointy part of the post is held within a base that is attached to the pin back.
Some of the posts ended up being slightly loose in their base.
THE POSTS AREN'T FALLING OUT. I want to emphasize that!
They are just a little wiggly.
They still serve their purpose and hold the pins on whatever, as they should, but I wasn't comfortable selling them as a standard grade design.
This is the only reason I considered them seconds.
Let me just stress again, THE POSTS AREN'T FALLING OFF THE BACK!
The base is solidly attached to the pin, it's just the sharp part of the post that is slightly loose within the base.

All seconds pins are final sale & requests for 'best/better' seconds aren't going to be honored.
Again, none of these pins are trash!
They are all still beautiful & just slightly flawed.

PLEASE NOTE: In-stock items ordered at the same time as a pre-order will not ship until the pre-order item arrives. If this is an issue I would recommend placing two separate orders, one for in-stock items & one for pre-orders.

If you have already placed a preorder and would like your items to ship together so you can save on shipping, you MUST write me a note at checkout letting me know that!
I will refund the excess shipping through PayPal.
Too many emails end up in my spam folder for people who wanted to combine shipping.
The only guaranteed way I can see your message is with a note at checkout!